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The book that had to be written.

"This great book correlates with all that I have learned in my own longtime studies of life and death. It should be read by all who wonder about the magic of life. It is powerful, it is beautiful, and it rings with truth. I loved it!" —Elisabeth Kübler-Ross, M.D.,Famed Thanatologist and Author of On Death and Dying

Surely each of us, at least once, has looked up from some private task and seen, for an instant, a flesh and blood apparition of a departed loved one or felt some subtle kind of communication which comes from the other side.

The pages of To Dance With Angels hold a key to the meaning of life on planet Earth and all that lies beyond, revealed to the authors in a clear and simple language by one who has experienced it all.

James Martin Peebles, the grand spirit, died in 1922, days short of his one hundredth birthday, and since that time has remained in communication from his home on the "other side" through various mediums throughout the world.

Dr. Peebles shares his wisdom, angelic wit, and humor on subjects such as birth and death, past lives, guardian angels, love and relationships, and the lessons we have chosen here on Earth.

To Dance With Angels is structured around a series of in-depth interviews with Dr. Peebles through the trance-mediumship of Thomas Jacobson and is a definitive study of man's spiritual nature and a refreshing, inspirational, and enlightening look at life and death.

Don turned to nonfiction in 1990, and in collaboration with his wife Linda Pendleton, wrote To Dance With Angels, which has enjoyed five English language editions, Japanese publication in 1999, and  2003 Russian language.

What began for Don and Linda as a casual curiosity about mediumship and research for the Ashton Ford books, developed into this fascinating study of Jacobson and his phenomenal connection with Dr. Peebles. "We soon had to accept the inescapable conclusion," Don stated, "that Dr. Peebles was no mere dissociated personality but was, in fact, a spirit communicating with us through Thomas. It became a book that had to be written. We could not keep this information to ourselves. It had to be shared."

"To Dance With Angels is not merely a very, very good book but a great one. And I do not use the word ‘great' loosely. A book that, ideally, everybody should read."—Richard S. Prather, Author of the Shell Scott Mystery Series
"...powerful and deeply moving experience, potentially life-changing [and] of universal importance. The book is sublime."—Whitley Strieber, Author of Communion and Transformation

"The world through the wise eyes of Dr. Peebles. An unusual book filled with sound advice—no matter what your beliefs about spiritualism."—Dr. Frank Vandiver, President Emeritus, Texas A&M University, Historian, Author

"Extremely readable and full of brilliant insights...undoubtedly genuine...this book is an important addition to the literature of spirit communication."—Colin Wilson, Author, Authority on the Paranormal

"From my personal experience with Thomas Jacobson and Dr. Peebles, I regardboth as wise and loving friends of the highest integrity. I am delighted that theworld may now share in their love and wisdom through this wonderful book."–Joyce De Witt, Actress, star of television's Three's Company


Don and Linda's stunning book

parts the veil between worlds

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