Richard S. Prather Bibliography

The Shell Scott Mystery Series and Other Crime Stories

by Richard S. Prather
(1921 - 2007)


Case Of The Vanishing Beauty – Gold Medal Books, Fawcett, 1950.

Bodies In Bedlam – Gold Medal Books, Fawcett, 1951.

Everybody Had A Gun – Gold Medal Books, Fawcett, 1951.

Find This Woman – Gold Medal Books, Fawcett, 1951.

Pattern For Murder – by “David Knight,” Graphic Books, 1952; republished as The Scrambled Yeggs by Richard S. Prather – Gold Medal Books, Fawcett, 1958. 

Way Of A Wanton – Gold Medal Books, Fawcett, 1952.

Lie Down Killer – Lion Books, 1952; republished by Gold Medal Books, Fawcett, 1956, (Non-Shell Scott Mystery). 

Dagger Of Flesh – Falcon Books, 1952; republished by Gold Medal Books, Fawcett, 1956.

Darling, It's Death – Gold Medal Books, Fawcett, 1952.

The Peddler – by “Douglas Ring,” Lion Books, 1952; republished by Richard S. Prather, Gold Medal Books, Fawcett, 1958; republished Hard Case Crime, 2006; (Non-Shell Scott Mystery).  

Too Many Crooks – (Originally Ride A High Horse), Gold Medal Books, Fawcett, 1953.

Always Leave 'Em Dying – Gold Medal Books, Fawcett, 1954.

Pattern For Panic – Abelard-Schuman, 1954; republished by Gold Medal Books, Fawcett, 1961.

Strip For Murder – Gold Medal Books, Fawcett, 1955.

Dragnet: Case No. 561 by “David Knight,” – Pocket Books, 1956. (Non-Shell Scott).

The Wailing Frail – Gold Medal Books, Fawcett, 1956.

Have Gat, Will Travel – Collection Gold Medal Books, Fawcett, 1957.

Three's A Shroud – Collection Gold Medal Books, Fawcett, 1957.

Slab Happy – Gold Medal Books, Fawcett, 1958.

Take A Murder, Darling – Gold Medal Books, Fawcett, 1958; republished Tor Books, 1988. 

Over Her Dear Body – Gold Medal Books, Fawcett, 1959.

Double In Trouble (with Stephen Marlowe), - Gold Medal Books, Fawcett, 1959.

Dance With The Dead – Gold Medal Books, Fawcett, 1960. 

Dig That Crazy Grave – Gold Medal Books, Fawcett, 1961.

Shell Scott's Seven Slaughters – Collection Gold Medal Books, Fawcett, 1961.

Kill The Clown – Gold Medal Books, Fawcett, 1962.

Joker In The Deck – Gold Medal Books, Fawcett, 1964. 

The Cockeyed Corpse – Gold Medal Books, Fawcett, 1964.  

Dead Heat – Pocket Books, 1964.

The Trojan Hearse – Pocket Books, 1964. 

Kill Him Twice – Pocket Books, 1965.

Dead Man's Walk – Pocket Books, 1965.

The Meandering Corpse – Trident Press, 1965; reprinted by Pocket Books, 1966. 

The Kubla Kahn Caper – Trident Press, 1966; reprinted by Pocket Books, 1967; reprinted by Tor Books, 1988. 

Gat Heat – Trident Press, 1967; reprinted by Pocket Books, 1968.   

The Cheim Manuscript – Pocket Books, 1969; reprinted by Tor Books, 1987. 

The Shell Scott Sampler – Collection, Pocket Books, 1969. 

Kill Me Tomorrow – Pocket Books, 1969.

Shell Scott’s Murder Mix – Trident Press, 1970; (three novels, Dead Heat, The Cheim Manuscript, and Kill Me Tomorrow). 

Dead-Bang – Pocket Books, 1971.

The Sweet Ride – Pocket Books, 1972; reprinted by Tor Books, 1988.

The Sure Thing – Pocket Books, 1975.   

The Amber Effect – Tor Books, 1986.

Shellshock – Tor Books, 1987. 

Hot Rock Rumble and The Double Take – Two Novelettes previously published in Collections; republished by Gryphon Publications, 1994.  

Exclusive Interview with Richard S. Prather, Author of the Shell Scott Mystery Series, by Linda Pendleton – An Intimate Look at Richard S. Prather’s Writing Career and Life, Copyright 2006 by Linda Pendleton and Richard S. Prather.

The Death Gods, Pendleton Artists, 2011

Editor, The Comfortable Coffin, the 13th Mystery Writers of America Anthology, A Gold Medal Book published by Fawcett, New York, 1960.  

Richard S. Prather’s stories have appeared in Manhunt, Cavalier, Thrilling Detective, Menace, Justice, Accused, Suspect, Murder!, Ed McBain’s Mystery Book, Adam, Escapade, Man’s World, Swank, For Men Only, Tiger, The Shell Scott Mystery Magazine, and several anthologies. 

Richard S. Prather was the recipient of the 1986 Life Achievement Award from The Private Eye Writers of America. 

Former long-time member of the Mystery Writers of America, twice Board Member. 

His biography has appeared in many reference works including Twentieth Century Crime and Mystery Writers, Editor John M. Reilly, St. Martin’s Press, New York, 1980; 2002 edition of Marquis Who’s Who in America.

Richard S. Prather Manuscript Collection, University of Wyoming, Laramie.

More than forty million copies of Richard S. Prather’s books have sold in the United States, and millions more in foreign-language editions throughout the world.

The Shell Scott Series books are available as Print On Demand and Download  at;

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NOTE: Sadly, Richard S. Prather passed away February 14, 2007 at his home in Sedona, AZ. And as it has turned out, this was his last interview. He will be missed by family, friends, fellow writers, and many fans, both old and new. His legacy will live on through his written word.

© Copyright 2006-2011 by Linda Pendleton

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