Photos by Linda Pendleton.
Photos ┬ęCopyright 1985 by Linda Pendleton.

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Don Pendleton arriving by helicopter at the Presidio for Mack Bolan Press Conference

Don autographing for fans. Background video of Don's 1981 appearance on the Today Show

Don being interviewed by a San Francisco reporter

Gold Eagle Executioner writers, Mike Newton and Chet Cunningham

Don greeted by San Francisco
press photographers

Don autographing for young fans

Don speaking to press. Next to Don is
Canadian actor Doug Lennox, who
portrayed Mack Bolan at the Convention

Don and Linda with Bolan watching over them

Martial arts demonstration

Lobby of San Franciscan Hotel

Balboa High School ROTC Precision Drill Team drummers escorting Don to barrack for press conference

"Bolan" and young fan

Don being interviewed at Convention

Don and "Mack Bolan,"
Canadian actor Doug Lennox

Don and Mark Howell, former
Gold Eagle book Editor

Mack Bolan's War Journal

Don and Gil Cohen, Executioner cover artist for original series and Gold Eagle books.

ROTC Precision Drill Team, Balboa High School, San Francisco

Don with young fan and his father

Live Large!

Don with Chris Abraham who traveled  from Honolulu to meet Don.